Second Year Preparations

I write this blog entry on the eve of beginning my second year at university, full of a cold and fully unprepared.

I sit making the same promise to myself that I’m sure every student is making which is to fully get myself together this year. That includes not leaving work to the last possible second and to attend all of my scheduled classes, no matter how pointless they may seem. The aim is to finish this year with high grades and a little more willpower than I ended first year with.

I am fully determined to be more organised from now on, not just in uni life. Over this academic year I vow to set myself goals to ensure my life doesn’t consist purely of university, as this is as draining as you can imagine. Goals below…

-Learn Fluent Spanish

-Learn Sign Language

-Hopefully Blog More

Now I’m sure i’ll be losing, changing and adding goals as the year goes on but I am using this blog post as motivation and a reminder of what I want to achieve before third year. Wish me luck


Love Meg X

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