I Got A Love Bird

Some time last week i had a hard day at university so my mum being the angel she is took me out and treated me to a nice, healthy lunch. After our lunch we stopped off at the pet shop next door to the café, being the animal lovers we are, and as you can probably guess from the title…we got a love bird.

She is a beautiful little bird with a yellow body and an orange face (a mutation of the original green and peach faced love birds…from what i believe anyway) and my favourite part, little orange tips to her tail feathers.

I should add at this time my partner was at work so had no idea about the little new addition to our family of two. It’s safe to say when i messaged him to let him know that we were now parents to that beautiful little bird, he refused to believe i was that impulsive and thought i was bird sitting for the day.

She’s been part of the family for a few days now and i already know so much about her that i want to share with the world, so come join us and get to know our little mango…

  • She likes to nibble fingers (not bite) we have now realised this is mostly when she wants us to deliver her seeds to the window as she watches the birds while she snacks.
  • She sleeps A LOT, she tucks her head round under her wing and closers her tiny eyes. But her favourite place to sleep is snuggled in mine or her dads necks…adorable i know.
  • She loves to sit on heads while you’re catching up with some uni work.
  • She is 100% a granddads girl, flying over to him every time he’s in the room.
  • She likes talking to the wild birds outside.
  • She can repeat her own name back to us.

Can you tell I’m in love with her already… many more bird tales to come (honestly i didn’t mean the pun I’m not that way inclined)

Love Meg x


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