Spring Is Finally Here

Now I think anyone living in the UK has long awaited the return of spring and summer. After one of the longest winters of my life, which included not only the storm named ‘the beast from the east’ but another miniature version of that just a few days ago, I can finally (touch wood) say bye to the snow. Yesterday we saw the return of spring and our first little bit of sunshine of 2018. So to celebrate we decided to spent the day at the beach. Now obviously our beaches here in Britain can be a little neglected compared to that of the beaches in many other parts of the world but I wouldn’t say the puppers minded.

After spending our morning in bed, me and the boyf planned to take the restless pups to the beach. Obviously my boyfriend couldn’t allow me the privilege of being able to get ready in peace, he mentioned the words ‘beach’ and ‘walk’ in the same sentence which then made one of our pups very upset that we weren’t walking out of the door in that exact moment. Of course I then had to do my makeup (I went for a bold red lip, to compliment our change of season) sat next to a crying puppy. It took us around an hour to drive to the beach, two excited pups in the back seat, often hanging out the window. Let’s just say on the way back they were more exhausted than excited and slept the whole way home. Must of been a successful walk then…

Love Meg x


2 thoughts on “Spring Is Finally Here

  1. howikilledbetty says:

    I just love walks on the beach and especially with dogs … I do miss my gorgeous, sweet dog. In time we’ll get another, perhaps even two. Today in London it was sunny and warm and we have only recently moved from Scotland so frankly it felt tropical! Lovely post … thanks. Katie x

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