An Average Sunday

Sunday is my favourite day of the week. Being a student nurse on placement Monday to Friday and then working on a Saturday, Sunday is the only day I can have as my own. Thus I want to bring you along with me…

9:00 am 

I woke up, this is a huge lie in for me with the normal rising time of 7am. Today is both mine and my boyfriends day off so we spend the first part of the morning off with cuddles. We stayed in bed for a while and then decided we were going to go out for breakfast. I got changed, did my hair and makeup, and did a little tidying up before leaving for breakfast.


We arrived and the restaurant, we both weren’t very good and got two large English breakfasts (of course I couldn’t eat all of mine, my eyes are bigger than my stomach) accompanied by a cup of orange juice and a cup of tea each. We had a chat and caught up from the busy week beforehand, thanks to the no phones at the table rule.


Shortly after finishing the remainders of our drinks, we decided to do a little shop in a few of the stores next to the breakfast restaurant. We bought a few random things including sweets, candles and car screen wash aha.


After our shop we arrived home, we were met by some very excited puppies. Time for housework. I also cleaned out our dressing table, it was well needed to say the least.


At around 2pm the puppies were getting restless so we went on a last minute walk around the park. We took a football and tennis ball as they both have different preferences (spoilt). But as per usual our little staffie didn’t want her tennis ball today, she decided she wanted a 3 foot long branch which had fallen from one of the trees. She proceeded to carry this around the park for the rest of this walk, brought it home and attempted to dig up the garden in hopes of hiding it from her bulldog brother.


We got home from the walk and in hopes that the fact that our bulldog jumped in every muddy puddle wouldn’t be a problem, we sat in the front garden for a while. The puppers enjoyed some fresh cold water (as its actually quiet warm here today, surprising seeing as it snowed all day the day before). It was then quiet obvious our problems had not disappeared and we had to wash the bulldog. We bathed him, dried him and put on his doggy aftershave while our staff thanked god she wasn’t like her brother.


Knackered after our walk; me, my boyfriend and our staffie all decided to have a little rest in bed. I went on the laptop to update the blog, check messages and watch some youtube while my boyfriend checked his phone and our puppy slept. Meanwhile, the bulldog was causing havoc downstairs rearranging all the shoes in the household (thanks frank).


At around 6 we had our sunday roast dinner, which every brit must partake in on a sunday. We had; roast lamb, carrots, peas, cabbage, roast potatoes, mash potatoes, Yorkshire puddings and gravy! as well as a little bit of mint sauce.


Despite filling up on a roast dinner, the boyfriend decided he wanted something sweet so we went to a takeout dessert restaurant near to our home called ‘cube’. My boyfriend got a Ferrero rocher waffle and I had a jolly rancher milkshake as I wasn’t in the mood for something big.


By now I was beginning to become tired, I decided to have a pamper night. I had a bubble bath with muscle relief by radox and had my loreal charcoal face mask. I also painted my nails for the first time in 10 weeks as my placement has finished.


I got in bed after my bath and watched tv until falling asleep around 10pm.


Love Meg x

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