End of Placement- Day in the Life of a Student Nurse

So in January of this year I started my very first placement as a student nurse, I was placed in community with the health visitors. I remember getting the placement and being so disappointed, I wanted to work in a hospital so bad.

However, the 9 week placement has been amazing and I couldn’t fault a single thing. The relationship I have with my mentor meant that I was never made to feel like a spare part and felt very comfortable asking questions or speaking to her about any previous worries I had. The whole team was fantastic and ensured I had the best experience that I could, with many learning opportunities.

With being in community, it’s very hard to get the basic clinical skills you would get in a ward setting but I learned so much! I was able to assist with weighing babies, plotting the weights on the charts and speak with parents to grow my communication skills. I also sadly got to see many children in neglectful homes where I followed there cases and worked with parents to ensure the best life for the children. Unfortunately many parents didn’t assist us and didn’t follow the care plan resulting in the children being removed. It was very emotional to see.

Yesterday was my last day with the team and I now have 3 weeks off which will be spent doing assignments and revision and then back to uni. Seeing as I was disappointed with the placement 9 weeks ago, I really don’t want to leave and will miss everyone at the team greatly. They bought me cake and various other sweet treats to celebrate the time I spent with them, I even embarrassingly got emotional. I can’t believe how fast it has gone.

Thank you to the team for making my first placement such a good one…

Love Meg x

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