Passing Placement- Day in the Life of a Student Nurse

Yesterday my mentor had me doing my assessment for my placement (known as a DONA). I’m in community so there isn’t many practical things I could be assessed on so for the assessment I helped her conduct a visit with a patient.

We entered the house and I visited this family when the baby was born so introductions were already done a few weeks beforehand. We spoke to mum and asked her if she would like the baby to be weighed, she did. She got him undressed and placed him on the scaled. I recorded his weight, converted it and worked out how old this little boy was in weeks. After this I plotted his weight on the graph to see if he was following his centile, which he was. So I informed mum that he baby was gaining weight how we would expect him to and he was following his centile perfectly. She was an anxious mum so this reassurance calmed her down a lot.

After this my mentor began to talk to the patients mum about how she was and she assisted her in areas in which she was concerned. When we got back to the office my mentor helped me fill out my paperwork and informed me I had passed, which is so relieving in your first placement. I hope the next DONA I do this year will have the same outcome.


Love Meg x

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