Nursing School…Year 1

In September of 2017, I began a three year journey on the road to becoming a registered paediatric nurse. One of those three years will be coming to an end before I know it, so here’s a recap of the most emotional year of my life so far…

I decided to live at home during my studies so Fresher’s week for me wasn’t the typical turning up for lectures still drunk on the night before’s vodka. Even though I respect my decision to not live in student accommodation 7 months on, the week was a struggle. Commuting to and from university was tiring and seemed pointless for the fresher’s week lectures on what was expected of us as future nurses. Many students became friends with flat mates, where I was alone. Overall, I didn’t enjoy the course and was disappointed due to my high expectations.


The travel became easier and I got to know a lot of the girls in the course. The lectures were more engaging and I was beginning to feel a bit more relieved about my previous hatred of university life.


Placement began in January. It began to all make sense again of why I chose to do nursing in the first place. Even though I was placed in the community and I have not been exposed to much clinical practice, I could not fault the experience I have had! My mentor is amazing and made me feel comfortable from the get go, not once have I felt like a spare part. It 100% has made me excited and proud to be doing this course.

That brings us to now, March 2018. I’m 2 weeks of completing my first placement and I honestly can not wait for my second placement to begin in May! Wish me luck…

Love Meg x

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