Squirrel Feeding

Stop whatever you are doing, grab a bag of nuts and get to Chester, England.

Not long ago, my family and i spent a weekend away in Wales. On our way back home we decided to have the day out in Chester which resulted in one of the best things you will ever experience! After strolling through the thousands of shops available and enjoying the amazing views of the River Dee, we made it to a huge park.

We did spend time at this park on many occasions before this day but i tell you, the park comes alive during the autumn time. When the leaves begin to change colour, the squirrels come out to play. And i’m not talking about a rare glance at a squirrel every now and then when you turn into the dog from ‘Up’ shouting ‘Squirrel’ due to your obsession with animals. But in this very park, the squirrels fear nothing!

This is where the trip got interesting.

I don’t think my words could justify how amazing this was so i’ll just show you.


I think that this surreal experience should be had by everyone, i promise you, you won’t be disappointed.

Love Meg X

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